Apple 4k TV Review – Unbiased Review 2018

4K Televisions are the new rave in town. Everyone you hear of is upgrading to them. That is why checking our Apple 4k TV Review will help you decide to get it. So, what’s so great about them?

As the name suggests, they allow you to stream videos and TV content in 4K. A normal full HD set would allow you a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, but a 4K TV allows for 3840×2160 pixels. And therefore, a glaring revolutionary improvement of about 300% in your TV viewing experience. Well, that’s enough convincing to buy one. But all of these would be to nothing, if you do not have a great 4K set-top box to go with it. You would actually be whining about the pixelated and outdated (by ages) full HD streaming to your TV. That is where the APPLE TV 4K kicks in. This is the device that you would want to put under your new 4K TV set.

In a very competitive market of set-top boxes from several brands, it is good to look over as to why you should prefer this. How does the Apple fare over the others? Is it worth shelling out for? Offering an entrenched connection with all of your Apple devices, with seamless stability and efficiency, this is indeed a device of the future. Having said so, let’s look at it.






Image from Flicker of Cchana

A sleek Apple logo on the top in a matte black shade, makes it a treat to the eye. A single
LED blinks when you turn on the device from sleep mode.




The remote on the other hand has two shades, a classy glossy black and another midnight black, separating the two sets of buttons. It is pretty lightweight and highly responsive. In your hands, it would give you the trademark Porsche feeling exclusive of Apple.

Now this is not like most of the remotes you have been using. It has a very receptive touch pad. Rather you be simply scrolling through, or playing your favorite games, it will answer your call to the very instant. And the
remote can also listen to you. Yes, it’s got Siri enabled. And you can easily ask it to play whatever you want just like in an iPhone. And if all of these are not convincing enough, it has also got motion control. Are you
kidding? Motion control in a remote!



The device
comes in two variants:

32 GB: If you would be interested in
using the set-top just for Viewing TV, and would not want to have much to do
with games, and other apps. That’s the size to go for.

It’s available on Amazon for $149.

64 GB: Now, if you want to just lie
down on the comfort of that couch after work and use some fun apps, this is the
variant to go for. Just a $50 more than the first variant, it gives you all the
space you would ever need.


How’s The Device Itself?


The 4k streaming is seamless. It looks gorgeous and anyone would guess that it’s of a
top notch quality.


Not Using 4K TV, Do You Still Need It?


Now if you buy the right TV, it’s a feast. But even with a simple full HD TV the picture
quality is extraordinary. Bright images coupled with the kind of color reproduction it gives is something you cannot take your eyes away from. Well, now you at least learn more from commercials. The ability of the device to detect the kind of output and work accordingly can leave anyone in awe.


How’s the Audio?


Dolby Digital Plus Digital Surround 7.1. Ring a bell?

Well, the name speaks for itself. Yes, it supports Dolby Vision. And therefore provides seamless audio streaming. However, it does not support Dolby Atmos.


Where Can It Stream From?


Netflix is straight available to you in 4K. You can easily browse through their entire collection
seamlessly with the pre-installed app. Surprisingly, Amazon has also opened up its entire library available to prime members with its new Amazon app.

And obviously Apple’s own iTunes store. Its specialized 4K section allows you to access their 4K content. And movies that you had previously purchased in full HD would automatically be upgraded to 4K when available. As far as the other set-top boxes go, people usually have a tough time searching for 4K content. That is where Siri kicks in. For instance, Siri embeds itself into the Netflix platform and allows for easy categorization and interaction.

And, of course YouTube. Not to mention the dearth of 4K content already available in it.


What Else Can It Do?


It’s not adevice that is meant to only stream videos. Apple has packed a lot more into

As a music player

Yes, it can work as your music player as well. You can simply get all of your iTunes content seamlessly in it.

As a gaming console

It would not be very right to describe it as a gaming console, on the same footing as Playstation or Xbox . But, it does contain some really good titles. Enough to set your mood right after a day of work. The A10 chip does pretty well to handle these titles, given the fact that it has been taken straight out of the iPad. Although there are some realy nice and exciting titles, a lot of improvement needs to be done in the gaming sector.

With your Workout

The Apple 4k TV can give you some serious help during your workouts. Be it in terms of on screen help, or via a
good pair of sports Bluetooth headphones. You can also use several different sensors, to monitor hear rate, calories burnt and the like.

What your Smart Speaker can often do

Want to dim the lights as you turn on
for a truly cinematic experience. Just ask your Siri enabled remote. And get
ready for a truly engaging experience.

A Few More Things To Know


Apple is actually charging you the same rate for 4K movies as it used to charge for HD. In addition, your HD movies would also get upgraded to the available 4K ones. Is this charity?

It can understand the daylight hours in your locality and switch to a Dark Room Mode automatically.

And for sports fans out there, Apple is also integrating a dedicated section for Live Sports. Be it watching your favorite NBA team cruising through the season or that crucial MotoGP Championship race, you will always be at your feet. It would update you for all the current sports events, and also the upcoming ones taking your choices into consideration. Now it comes with Gigabit Ethernet instead of the earlier 10/100 Ethernet port. Thus, it can easily handle your 4K content with the increased bandwidth.

It has also got HDMI 2.0 now, designed to handle the coherent streaming of high quality of audio and video. With Bluetooth 5.0, it now has increased bandwidth and accessibility of up to 800 feet. However, you need to upgrade your other Bluetooth devices to 5.0 in order to benefit from it. A much broader variety of brightness via HDR10.

However, there is no USB-C, and you need to do all of the connectivity and everything else wirelessly. For side loading apps, you now have to use Xcode. Now, it’s also got a replaceable fan for its new processor.


What Are It’s Pros?


After having gone through all of its sparkling features, not that you need any more
specifications, but we will list them for your easy referral:

  • The world’s moving fast. Are you?

A device that goes hand in hand with the superior video processing capabilities of your 4K television. Well, 4K is the future. Once you are hooked into it, you will find full HD primitive! The HDR 2.0 support brings you absolute clarity and brilliance in terms of brightness and tone.

  • Build your own 4K library!

Apple TV 4K allows for streaming from all the major streaming services like NetFlix, iTunes, Hulu, ESPN, and even Amazon now! Also, Apple would not cost you extra for delivering 4K. So you can download and watch all of your favorite movies, in the comfort of your couch, an experience that might even be as immersive as the theater. And also boast of it to your friends and colleagues at work.

You can also view your older iPad and iPhone pictures easily using this, in the bludgeoning 4K screen.

  • It’s got its own OS!

TV OS’s excellent ability to adjust and optimize the frame rate and dynamic range allows it to stream coherently to every TV out there, be it 4K or not. So if you are planning to upgrade your entire system, getting this up ahead can be a great choice before even buying that 4K Television.

  • Performance and Reliability

With the Apple promise, it has the same reliability and stability as most of other Apple devices do. And is almost a plug-and-play device straight out of the packaging.

  • A sleek design

The Apple TV 4K would easily fall into the elegance of your living room. Its sleek, rather slightly bludgeoning actually, sets in well under your large 4K TV.


Is There Any Reason To Skip It?


Let’s just see:

  • A Slow Internet Connection

Having a fast internet is crucial to streaming 4K videos of any kind. So it’s one of
the things to consider before you go out and get that 4K TV. So, first upgrade your connection if its slow. However if you are using just a HD TV, everything should work well.

  • You Don’t Care About Civilization

Well, 4K TVs are the way to the future. Unless you would like to remain in a
primitive age, given the way how technology is advancing, you should get one of
these. And if you simply don’t bother, either someone in your family does, or maybe
you truly don’t care about Civilization! Who am I to judge, right?


How Does It Fare With Its Competition?


Well let’s agree that there are a no. of
tempting deals out there. But are they worth it? Do they deliver the same value
as the Apple 4K TV?

  • Storage

It comes up to an astounding 64 GB storage variant. As compared to its competitors you will hardly find about 8-16 GB of space in store. This has some serious consequences. Almost anybody familiar with smartphones would know. More storage would allow you to uncompromisingly use several apps at the
same time. And everytime you try to download something, you won’t get that  clear data pop up. Ain’t that annoying!!

  • Living Room Compatibility

Although all of the competitors in this segment, boast of their sleek, flawless designs, it is the Apple that would be the signature of a great living room. You would also not be able to keep it stacked away behind your TV as it won’t receive the IR signal from its remote.

  • Gigabit Advantage

The Apple TV 4K comes with Gigabit Ethernet support right out of the box without any adapter of any kind, unlike most of its rivals. So no extra payment for that.

  • HDR Advantage

If you own a TV set capable of streaming HDR content, Apple TV 4K is the just the
thing to purchase. It supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR.

Although, most of the competition supports HDR 10, it is the only one that comes with the
color-rich and brilliant Dolby VISION HDR support.

  • Remote Control

The remote in the Apple 4K TV makes its competitors look obsolete. Correction actually, primitive! The additional touch pad coupled with the highly responsive buttons and motion sensors renders it cutting edge performance in comparison to fiddling remotes of the others. In other words, it’s fairly advanced
and futuristic technology beats the others in the segment hands down.


What Are You Waiting For?


Exactly the question. There is no possible reason why not to get this amazing device. True that it might cost you a few bucks more, but for the sheer value it offers and the myriad advantages over its closest competitors, it’s worth the deal from every perspective.

Regardless of whether you are in the iPhone ecosystem or not, you would genuinely appreciate this device. Maybe, it’s just Apple’s hobby to make these. Well in its busy schedule of revolutionizing things, its kept its hobby quite active and interesting.

Apple TV 4K’s OS might just be the way to the future. The outstanding promise it delivers, can literally sweep anyone off the floor. Maybe Apple can rediscover the true TV experience finally!

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